Câble de puissance basse tension_Conducteur cuivre_T150 Flex - 10 à 95 mm²

T150 Flex - 10 à 95 mm²

Flexible triple layer insulated power cables with thin strands.
10 - 95 mm²


  • High Flexibility: excellent flexibility equivalent to the best references on the market
  • Price: compared to other material used massively for HV applications, thanks to XLPO material used in e-layer technologies, significant savings could be made on the cabling cost of the vehicle
  • Significant savings on the cost of vehicle wiring
  • Long life: the multi-resistance of the material (to abrasion, chemical aggression, tearability…) will allow the cable to remain safe and reliable during the full life of the vehicle

General characteristics


  • Cu ETP1 according to DIN EN13602


  • Crosslinked low halogenated PE/EBA/PE class T150 insulation thin and thick wall

Norms and standards

General standards
  • ISO 6722-1
  • LV112-1
  • Ford ES-AU5T-1A348-AA
  • GMW 15626
  • PSA B251110-B
  • RNDS-B-00005

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