ACOME_Réseaux télécoms optique et FTTH_UND1534


ADSS overhead cables up to 70m*


  • Dielectric and dry waterproof
  • ADSS cable widely adopted by major Telecom operators
  • Combines compactness, lightness and robustness
  • Easy identification due to “AERIAL” marking on the outer jacket
  • Easy end terminations with no risk of tube kinking
  • Flexible: its technical design also makes installation in ducts and gutters possible using blowing or pulling methods


  • UND ranges represent ACOME’s distribution solution for FTTH networks.
  • The UND1534 range provides an overhead solution that allows operators to link optical connection nodes to any part of their FTTx network:
    • FTTN (Node)
    • FTTC/LA (Cabinet/Last Amplifier)
    • FTTB/P/H (Building/Premises/House)
  • It allows for spans up to 70m (in specific weather conditions and installed using dedicated anchoring and suspension clamps).
  • This range can also be blown and pulled through ducts thanks to its mechanical properties.

General characteristics

Coupe descriptif UND1534


  1. Compact Tube®: Modules of x fibres under tearable thermoplastic sheathing
  2. Strength member: Aramid yarns 
  3. Dry waterproofing: Water-swelling elements
  4. Stiff lateral strength members: 2 FRP strength members embedded in the sheath
  5. Outer jacket: Black high density polyethylene



ACOME offers on request a long-term anti-rodent and / or anti-termite protection solution ACOREX®.

Item code Range Structure Modularity Fibre count Fibre type Marking Colour code
N9076A UND1534 Z1198 M12 12 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N8867D UND1534 Z1199 M12 24 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N8868C UND1534 Z1199 M12 36 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9385A UND1534 Z1265 M12 48 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9386A UND1534 Z1263 M12 72 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9387A UND1534 Z1264 M12 96 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9388A UND1534 Z1264 M12 144 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9873A UND1534 Z1295 M12 288 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9239B UND1534 Z1198 M6 6 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9238B UND1534 Z1296 M6 12 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9297C UND1534 Z1297 M6 24 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9920A UND1534 Z1297 M6 36 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9666B UND1534 Z1298 M6 48 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9665C UND1534 Z1299 M6 72 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9921A UND1534 Z1300 M6 96 FO G657A2 ACOME Std
N9922A UND1534 Z1300 M6 144 FO G657A2 ACOME Std


Color code

code couleur UND1534


Norms and standards

General standards
  • Cables and fibres in accordance with IEC/EN 60793 and IEC/EN 60794-1



Storage and installation
  • The cables are supplied with protective wrapping that must be maintained until the product has been fully used. 
  • The rules for storage, transport, and cable laying are described in our ACOPTIC Guide.
  • Help Card in Preparation for Connection


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