Dielectric cables for pulling through ducts


  • Dielectric (no earthing required) and dry waterproof
  • Compact Tube® technology for fast and easy installation and mid-span access
  • Easy end terminations with no risk of tube kinking
  • Low friction PEHD sheath for long-span blowing performance


  • ACOPTIC® brings together ACOME’s optical cables solutions for Telecom networks.
  • CCC1575 cables are designed for long-distance pulling through ducts thanks to a high level of tensile strength resistance. 
  • Generally used for duct POP interconnection or in the transport part of the FTTH access network.

General characteristics

coupe descriptif CCC1575


  1. Compact Tube: 6, 8 or 12 optical fibres under tearable thermoplastic sheathing
  2. Dry waterproofing: Water-swelling tape
  3. Central unit: Thermoplastic tube
  4. Flexible strength members: Glass yarns coated with hot-melt
  5. Outer jacket: Black high-density polyethylene

Protection against rodents

IPA =** (Medium protection)

Item code Range Structure Modularity Fibre count Fibre type Marking Colour code
N7230A CCC1575 Z1072 M12 12 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7231A CCC1575 Z1072 M12 24 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7232A CCC1575 Z1072 M12 36 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7233A CCC1575 Z1073 M12 48 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7234A CCC1575 Z1073 M12 72 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7235A CCC1575 Z1074 M12 96 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7236A CCC1575 Z1074 M12 144 FO G652D ACOME Std
N7702A CCC1575 Z1095 M12 288 FO G652D ACOME Std


Color code

code couleur CCC1575


Norms and standards

General standards
  • Cables and fibres in accordance with IEC/EN 60793 and IEC/EN 60794-1



Storage and installation
  • The cables are supplied with protective wrapping that must be maintained until the product has been fully used. 
  • The rules for storage, transport, and cable laying are described in our ACOPTIC Guide.


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