High voltage power cables HV T150 shielded wires

HV T150 shielded wires

High voltage wires shielded with flexible sheath.
4-6.0 mm²


  • Flexible insulation
  • Specific design to withstand high voltage requirements
  • Efficient shielding braids


  • High-voltage shielded wires with flexible insulation for energy management
  • Slow charge
  • Optimized electromagnetic performance

General characteristics


  • Cu ETP1 according to DIN EN13602


  • Crosslinked low halogenated PE D ISO 6722 class T150
  • Compliant to HV requirements
  • Thin wall
Conductor Isolant Shielding Outer jacket
Cross section Construction Max. diameter Core diameter Insulation Thickness Overlap Coverage Strand diameter External diameter Insulation thickness Standard delivery length
mm²   mm mm mm min % min % max mm max mm min mm m
Blindage optimisé
4 56x0.30 2.60 3.70 0.32 20 85 0.15 5.80 0.38 1 300
6 84x0.30 3.20 4.30 0.32 20 85 0.15 6.50 0.46 1 100

Norms and standards

General standards
  • According to ISO 6722-1
  • RNDS-B-00005
  • Ford ES-AU5T-1A348-AA
  • GMW 15626

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